The Dos and Don’t of Timber Flooring Maintenance

If you are looking to bring a natural aesthetic with a warm tone for your flooring, timber flooring is the way to go. Durable in quality and versatile in styles, timber flooring can bring a number of different benefits to your property. Like with any other material you apply to your home though, you will want to keep in mind the proper maintenance. Proper maintenance can help prevent issues from further developing on different materials and have them last as long as possible. In maintaining timber wood though, there are certain dos and don’ts that’s best to keep in mind

The Do’s

Maintaining a material or structure means more than having it look good. When it comes to maintaining your timber wood flooring, you will want to keep the following in mind:

Remember to Recoat

A good timber flooring can last as far as 20 years or even longer with the right maintenance and dry surroundings. While cleaning and vacuuming the floor can certainly help, what can prolong your timber flooring’s longevity is having it recoated. Proper coating covers the pores on the wood to keep the material durable and look finer. It is recommended that you timber flooring be recaoted once every 3 months at a minimum and every 5-10 years at maximum depending on the wear and tear your flooring might have gone through.

Apply Protectors and Mats

Having protectors for the base of your furniture can do a lot in preventing scratches or marks that can occur on your flooring when said furniture is moved around a lot like chairs or stools. To further protect your timber wood flooring from any further wear or marks from outside, it would be good to apply mats near entry points. By applying them, it can act as a barrier between the floor and the water or grime you might be tracking in from outside.

Use Gentle Cleaning Methods

Proper cleaning of your timber flooring can do in maintaining your timber flooring, especially when it comes to removing all spills, dirt, and dust. If you are looking to do a thorough cleaning of your timber flooring to keep up its appearance, it is advised to use gentler cleaning metaphods and materials. A routine sweeping along with vacuuming and using a dry mop can provide a thorough cleaning method as it is also advise against using any cleaning chemicals or such.

The Don’ts

There are two main don’ts when it comes to maintaining your timber flooring. The first would be to “wet mop” your flooring. This is because too much water will cause your floor to swell, lifting the board edges and leaving the surface uneven. The other point you will want to avoid is to avoid using any abrasive cleaning materials. Any cleaning solution that contains alkaline or ammonia can reduce the glossiness or even cause some scratches. It can also make any recoating for your flooring in thenfture difficult.


Timber flooring can make for a durable and versatile material for your home but if you want it to last as long as possible, the proper maintanence needs to be kept in mind. The best things to keep your timber flooring maintained would to apply some good mats and protectors for your furniture while keeping to a gentle cleaning routine. It would be best to avoid damaging methods like wet mopping and abrasive cleaning methods.

While there are different ways that you can have your timber flooring maintained, the best way to ensure quality timber flooring is to look to a professional service group. Whether it be for cleaning or improving your flooring’s state, Wollongong Carpenters can provide a dependable service with a range of options to meet any carpentry needs. Whatever you are aiming with your timber flooring, there are different options and tips that can help.

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