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Decking in Wollongong

Thinking about starting a new decking project? Wollongong Carpenters can assist you with the project. With our decking services, it’s easier than ever to build your dream deck. 

Timber decking makes the most of one’s outdoor area and allows for a comfortable outdoor experience. Different timber materials are available depending on their suitability for particular environmental conditions. Think about your current lifestyle, where you spend most of your personal or social time? If the answer is in the backyard, investing in a quality timber deck may be exactly what you need.

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Decking Benefits

While adding a deck to your home can seem to be a huge undertaking, there are many advantages to doing so. A deck can also be used as a meeting spot for the family to share special memories. Consider the following benefits if you are thinking of adding a deck to your house.

  • Aesthetic Appeal – Decks are available in a range of shades and finishes. With all of the design choices available, you will most certainly paint or stain the deck to match the style of your house. When you coordinate the design of your deck with the design of your home, you will build an exterior design that is both natural and pleasing.
  • Value – A deck is an excellent choice for increasing the appeal of your home at a low cost. According to specific experts, building a deck will improve the value of your home more than adding another bathroom or living room.
  • Increase Square Footage – Decks are also popular because they can increase the square footage of your house. A deck will effectively expand your home’s usable area for events. Decks offer a way to appreciate nature on your property as you install outdoor chairs, bird feeders, and potted plants.
  • Hosting Parties and Gatherings – Decks are also ideal for hosting summer festivals, barbeques, and family gatherings. Guests will socialize while enjoying the warm weather and fresh air. Decks will allow you to make more use of your yard area, giving your guests more places to lounge or play games.

Why Choose Wollongong Carpenters

Wollongong Carpenters specialize in providing the highest quality landscaping services. Our decking services provide a stable, relaxing environment for you to enjoy. We ensure that our services both long-lasting and dependable while still looking great.

We take pride in combining our years of experience in creating stunning landscapes, and gorgeous decking can often make all the difference. We will provide premium decking garden facilities that look and sound amazing, no matter the work. We will build to last.

The deck of your dreams will be designed at Wollongong Carpenters. Our carpenters provide advice and experience to ensure your deck is planned and constructed precisely to your specifications. Many options are available, including recessed floor areas, bench seating, balustrade designs, and a range of Australian timber and composite materials.

We are pleased to address any expectations you may have for a Wollongong decking project. And hammer out a good design using timber that will improve your lifestyle and the value of your home. Call us today to get started on your dream deck.