5 Things a Fraud Contractor Does

Ending up in a bad contractor is stressful. While most contractors are honest and hardworking, there are a few contractors that scam their clients. That’s why it’s important to hire reliable professionals for your upcoming project. At Wollongong Carpenters, our contractors are well-trained and professional

Here are the five things that a fraud contractor will do and how you can avoid it:

They tell you that they need the money upfront

This happens when your contractor tells you that he needs about 30% or more of the total estimate of the project because he needs to order the materials before he can start working on it. A fraud contractor will either disappear or give you sloppy work. At Wollongong Carpenters, we will never tell you to pay upfront. We are reliable and trusted by our suppliers. That’s why they can provide us with materials on credit.

Agreed estimate suddenly skyrockets

The job is already being started when suddenly, your contractor will tell you that he suddenly discovered structural problems that will affect the agreed-upon cost. While most of the time it is true, however, fraud contractors will bid on a low price just to get the job. Once he starts the project, he will make an excuse on why the estimate suddenly skyrockets. What you can do to avoid this is to sign a contract that includes a procedure for change orders.

At Wollongong Carpenters, we are upfront when it comes to estimating a project. We ensure that we inspect the area properly, not missing anything. We also inform our clients that there may be changes in the price in case we encounter another issue once we start the demolition phase.

The job takes too long to finish

If the job is not yet finished and it’s past the deadline, then you have a bad contractor. The most common reason for delays is accepting numerous projects and working on them at the same time. If your contractor gets a bigger project than yours, the deadline for your project will be moved. At Wollongong Carpenters, your time is important to us. We ensure that we finish the project on time. Our team works in a fast-paced environment and can beat the deadline no matter what.

The materials are overcharged

Before starting a construction project, check the retail and wholesale prices of the materials to be used. You can also ask your contractor for their supplier so you can directly ask them for the prices. If you’re not familiar with the prices of the materials, your contractor will earn more profit. To prevent this from happening, always ask your contractor for a receipt.

Using a cheaper material than the original one

Most of the time, clients won’t even notice that the contractor swapped the material. You’ll only know it once it becomes damaged. Contractors will usually tell you that they only use premium-grade materials. However, they will use a lower grade material and it will be hard to distinguish especially if it will be covered with paint. To prevent this, always ask your contractor about the materials he will use and verify them.

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